Interior Design

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Interior – that is a limited space where we live, work and relax in. It is an environment, where we spend most of our time, and therefore is necessary for it to be comfortable and suited for our needs. When designing an interior, it is always recommended to clarify a few seemingly simple things:

  • what will be the main application of the space
  • how many people and for how long will occupy the space
  • what will these people do
  • what type of furniture, appliances and other equipment will be needed for productive work or enjoyable rest in the corresponding space.

Only after answering these questions it is possible to start brainstorming about the possible style – for an office or a home. And only our Customer’s wishes, needs and personality is the key in choosing the style – from classical to ultramodern, from functional minimalist to extravagant.
People are known to have their own favourite colours, scents, types of lighting and their own perception of space. Our job is to help our Customer find his or her favourites in the vast choice of products, choose materials, furniture, artpieces, and harmonize all of it in a total ensemble – an environment which begins inside us.

To achieve the best results, a vast library of visualisations is viewed by selecting the most liked ones. Then comes an agreement about the desirable concept and colours, but afterwards we start working with the details and materials. Customers sometimes wonder why do we usually start with arranging the furniture in the room. Only when it is clear about what will be the application and layout of the room, it is possible to place power switches and sockets, TV cables and other wiring. The same goes, for example, to kitchens: every power socket and switch needs to be at a specific height and fitted for the corresponding appliance.

Next step is to choose the floor coverings and plumbing. After the tiles has been designed and the desirable bathtub found, it is possible to choose the doors, built-in cabinets, fireplaces and wall finishes.

Choosing furniture and draperies is the final step. For the convenience of our Customer, we then create three dimensional (3D) visualisations – these images help Customer to choose or change the final details or furniture if he/she wants to.

The colours sometimes are chosen using some other principles, for example, using colours which simbolize the elements – metal, wood, fire, water and earth. Such an interior is designed by Eastern Feng-Shui principles, however, an expert consultation is recommended in such case. It does not mean that the room, office or apartment will be furnished in an Oriental style, but the design will be based on such principles, for example, where to place the aquarium or the bed. For more information we recommend you to visit the site

To achieve the bests results, it is absolutely necessary to discuss many details, because such details (for example, the Customer or the main resident of the designed room could be a left-hander or suffers from allergies) are very important when designing the interior.

Our interior designer has a six year experience creating interior visualisations. His works are some of the best in Latvia and they run into the level of some of the best in the world, because the visualised detail, furnishings and materials allow to achieve a very realistic look.